October 23, 2017

ATM Burglar Loses Leg Trying to Escape

Gregory Daniels, 48, was arrested Tuesday after he and an accomplice used a chain and a pickup truck to pull a 1,500-pound ATM machine from Pomona Ranch Market in California.

At around 3 a.m., Daniels and another man broke a window at the market, wrapped a chain around the machine, and used the truck to yank it out from its spot. The two men loaded the ATM into the truck and drove off.

Officers chased after them until they drove into a dead-end street in a residential neighborhood.

Daniel’s partner in crime managed to get away on foot but when Daniels tried to flee, his prosthetic leg fell off.

He fell to the ground and the police officers easily arrested him.

The irony here is that Daniels was stealing the ATM to afford a more dependable prosthetic leg…

I’m just kidding. ūüėČ


Man Admits to Stealing Shoes Off Women’s Feet

A British man has admitted to stealing shoes right off of women’s feet in public.

Omar Abd-el-Gowd, 26, who said he’d had a shoe fetish since he was 12, admitted to a total of eight robberies in London between December 2005 and November 2006.

He’s being charged with sexual assault by one of his victims, but has denied the allegations.

Gowd told a London jury that he had approached victims from behind, quickly lifted up one of their feet and ran off with one of their shoes. He claimed he barely recalled the details of the women he had attacked, but could completely remember their shoes.



Australian Burglars Have Sex in Victim’s Bed

Burglars broke into a house in Darwin, Australia, robbed it and had sex on the homeowner’s bed while the housesitter slept in another bedroom.

They made off with cash and alcohol.

The homeowner, who chose anonymity, had been on vacation at the time.

“[The housesitter had] been out drinking and didn’t hear what was going on,” he said.

“But the evidence of what the thieves got up to before leaving was there for all to see.

“The sheets have been taken away for DNA sampling and I’ve told the police that I don’t want them back.”

That’s just wrong! I guess the burglars get off on robbing people.

It makes you wonder though: were the burglars two females, two males or one female & a male?


Thief Opens Shop and Sells Stock

Belgian antique dealer, Johan Dumon, 62, returned from vacation only to discover that a thief had robbed his home, broken into his store and held a two-day sale.

The store had been closed for three years and yet neighbors didn’t find the sale suspicious!

The thief sold items from Dumon’s home as well as antiques that were worth at least ¬£17,000 (about $32717).

“I can only conclude the burglar was a clever man,” said Dumon. “Instead of dragging it all out of the house he sold it on the spot.”

He must not have been that clever. The witnesses were able to give his description to the police.

Attorney Goedele Van den Brande believes the man will be found soon, but the stolen goods might be impossible to recover since buyers can’t be forced to return them.


Robber Forgets to Pull Up Mask

A man walked into a service station in Palmerston North today with an iron bar demanding cash and cigarettes.

Midway through the theft, he realized he’d forgotten to pull his bandanna over his face and hurriedly did so.

It was too late though. He was captured by the security camera and police have released the footage.

“His method of operation suggests he is not security camera-savvy… or maybe has not committed a lot of offences of this nature,” a detective said.

If only all criminals were this dumb.


When Samaritans Go Bad

A 73-year old man got his car stuck in snow early Thursday morning in a Kansas City street. A young man approached the vehicle and offered to help.

He was able to push the car free but when the driver paused to thank him, he attempted to pull the old man out of the car and then asked for money.

The driver gave him $30 but when the thief wanted the car, he fought back. The thief managed to stab him and knock him to the ground before speeding away with the car.

Goes to show that strangers can’t be trusted. Even the nice ones.


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