October 18, 2017

Principal & Teacher Resign Over Sex Tape

Parents of children at Sandridge Elementary School, Lynwood, Illinois got an unwanted surprise in the mail this past week.

They received a package that contained a DVD featuring principal, Leroy Coleman and science teacher, Janet Lofton in various sexual encounters.

Parent Kim Grivakis said, “I was stunned and I felt sick to my stomach. I want to see this sheet of paper that says [Coleman] was fired- to let them know [he’ll] never teach another child.”

Police believe one of the encounters on the tape may have occurred during school hours and are reviewing it to check if illegal acts were committed.

Coleman and Lofton have now resigned, citing personal reasons.

I wonder who mailed the DVD. It was probably an act of revenge.


School District Gets $250 Bill for Porn

School district officials at Union City, New Jersey were shocked when their February cable bill showed $250 worth of pay-per-view adult programs.

There are five cable boxes in the Board of Education building and one was used to order the porn after business hours. The films where priced at $4.95 to $9.95 per view.

So that means about 25 to 50 adult films had been watched that month.

The district’s cable provider, Cablevision gave them a full refund and is also helping with the investigation. Authorities have removed three of the five boxes. The other two are in the superintendent and assistant superintendent’s offices.

I’m guessing it was the janitor or a security guard. Or an employee who liked to work overtime in the name of free porn.


Pranksters Glue Doors Shut at California High School

Friday, a day before spring break, pranksters covered the locks on all the exterior gates and doors at Carlsbad High School with super-strength glue.

“A teacher who always gets there early called me on my cell phone and said, ‘Guess what?'” said Carlsbad High School principal Margaret Stanchi. “But I didn’t guess this.”

About 100 doors had been completely sealed before the first staff arrived at around 6:30 a.m. at the San Diego high school.

Custodial staff were able to quickly unseal the lock on a building with 27 classrooms. The rest of the 3000 students had to sit in the gym until their classrooms were unlocked, one by one.

The school had a survellance video but it proved useless and didn’t give any clues as to who dunnit.

Police are still investigating.

Nice prank. It must have taken a long time for the person(s) to do it though.


Students Pull MTV Prank on Classmates

Four students at Sequoya Middle School, New York, put laxatives in donuts and served them to about 18 students and staff member after seeing a similar prank on MTV.

Many ambulances and police department were required at the scene. Some students had to be sent home, while a few ended up in the hospital.

“I don’t think it’s funny,” Superintendent Dr. Charlie Murphy told the WABC-TV.

“We had what must have been 12 police officers respond, a countless number of EMT people in the local area responded, and you’ve disrupted a whole school day. I don’t find anything funny in the situation.”

The superintendent also said disciplinary action would be taken.

What a mean prank. Don’t mess with people’s food!


Student Puts Urine in Teacher’s Coffee

An eighth grade student at Wilson Middle School thought it’d be funny to put urine in his teacher’s coffee pot.

The teacher was fortunate that the boy’s urine smelled foul and reported the smelly coffee to the principal.

A student who had overhead classmates talking about the incident also reported it to officials.

The issue was investigated and authorities were led to check the eighth-grade boy’s locker where they discovered urine.

He admitted to putting some into the teacher’s coffee and has been suspended pending a recommendation for expulsion.

“This type of student behavior will not be tolerated,” Principal DiLynn Phelps and Superintendent Marlin B. Creasy wrote in a letter to parents. “No student will be permitted to deliberately attempt to cause bodily harm to any other student, teacher or staff member.”

I can’t believe the boy was dumb enough to leave urine in his locker. I guess he had other plans for it.


Swear Teacher

Austria – A primary school teacher might be fired for giving a class of nine-year-olds swear lessons.

Michael Brechter, 57, gave his students an assignment that involved using an array of swear words including, arse, moron, tart, and sh*t.

“I was not teaching them anything they did not already know,” he said.

His excuse?

“It was an attempt to make school lively and fun. My ultimate aim was to show what words should not be used.”

Note to teacher: Don’t make cuss words lively and fun if you don’t want nine-year-olds using them.


It’s a Car, It’s a Plane, It’s.. Batman?

ScottsDale, Arizona – A Desert Arroyo Middle School student spotted someone dressed as Batman run across the school, jump over a fence and vanish into the desert, Wednesday.

The school, as well as two others in the north Phoenix suburb of Cave Creek, was placed on lockdown for about 45 minutes as the police searched the desert for the bat.

He still remains at large.

This isn’t really surprising as Batman has a history of easily escaping from the authorities.


When Substitute Teachers Do Drugs

You know you’re a drug addict when you knowingly snort crack in front of a classroom you’re supposed to be teaching.

59-year old Joan Donatelli was arrested after two girls, ages nine and ten, reported that their substitute teacher had been dipping a pen cap into a small plastic bag of white powder and then putting the pen lid to her nose.

Police searched the classroom and discovered traces of white powder.

Donatelli confessed to the crime after they confronted her at her home.

“She stated that she had a problem, that she had an addiction, something she’s been struggling with,” said Sergeant Frank Previte, of the Lewiston, NY police.

Donatelli had previously been a full-time teacher at the school. If she hadn’t retired, as of 2004, she would have been involved in the school’s drug education curriculum.

She probably assumed the kids wouldn’t know what she was doing.