October 18, 2017

Stay at Home Dad Finds Time to Integrate Sex Into His Schedule

How different are the priorities of mean and women sometimes? Very different. this is even the case in the recent example of a stay at home dad’s schedule. You would probably never find a stay at home mom try to integrate sex into her schedule, it would just have to happen if it happened.

This is not the case with this special stay at home dad. He purposely makes out a schedule and tries to integrate sex into it one way or another. I actually have to give this guy credit, at least he is taking care of what he needs to be taking care of. A man needs what a man needs sometimes, and sex with his wife is important, as it should be.

I actually find this quite interesting and funny. If there are any other stay at home dads out there, or if you simply need to make a schedule and integrate sex into it, then this is definitely a person you want to take notes from. Who cares if you have to leave the baby monitor on, or if you have to leave the door ajar a little to make sure the kids are okay? The point is, he makes an effort.

Check out his schedule and view the rest of the original article here. I am about to go integrate sex into my schedule!

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