September 23, 2017

Geeks and Jocks Fight Over Control of the TV in a Sports Bar

So you are sitting in a bar watching a football game(in this case a soccer game) and then some other guys come in and want you to turn the television off the game (in a sports bar) and turn it to something called “Starcraft.”

What is Starcraft? Well apparently it is something important enough to get a bunch of geeks so works up that a physical altercation broke out in the bar between two sets of people, the jocks and the geeks.

Yes, I know using these words is a bit rough, but the story is so humorous that it needed to be spoken about.

What is the best part of this story? Looks like the jocks got put in their place by the geeks. Note to self, don’t stand in the way of someone who wants to watch Starcraft.

Full Story Here

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