October 18, 2017

“Bromance” and “Tweet” Are Apparently Good Enough for Merriam-Webster

Apparently the words “bromance” and “tweet” are good enough to be put into the newest version of the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary. Yes, that’s right. Both bromance and tweet have been added to the most respected english dictionary on the planet. Does anyone else think this is kind of funny?

I mean, I sit here typing this article, and my auto correct doesn’t even recognize these words, nor does it have any suggestions on word corrections. That aside, I guess Merriam-Webster has grown tired of getting upstaged by online giant Wikipedia, which allows just about any word/phrase to be posted and created.

Anyone have any guesses on what words will be put into Merriam-Webster next? We would love to hear some suggestion so go ahead and comment. Don’t forget to ¬†explain your word/phrase with a short definition. We look forward to it!

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