October 18, 2017

A group calling themselves the Script Kiddies hacked NBC’s Twitter account earlier today and posted illegal and false tweets claiming that there was an attack underway at Ground Zero in New York. The news coming from The Guardian is saying that the prank was pulled off by a group calling themselves the ‘script kiddies’ and was greeted with widespread opprobrium from other twitter users.

Below are some of the tasteless tweets that the “script-kiddies posted via the hacked NBC account.

“Breaking News! Ground Zero has just been attacked. Flight 5736 has crashed into the site, suspected hijacking. More as the story develops,” the hackers wrote in one of the fake tweets sent out from the NBC account.

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They added: “Flight 4782 is not responding, suspected hijacking. One plane just hit Ground Zero site at 5:47. #groundzeroattacked.

“This is not a joke, Ground Zero has just been attacked. We’re attempting to get reporters on the scene #groundzeroattacked.”

The group claimed responsibility by tweeting on the hacked account: “NBCNEWS hacked by The Script Kiddies. Follow them at @s_kiddies!”

This is just tasteless. The group is thought to be British, though that is still unconfirmed. It is believed that they gained password info using malware and other virus code to steal the NBC news twitter account password.

I gotta say, people really need to find better stuff to do with their time.

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