October 18, 2017

Principal & Teacher Resign Over Sex Tape

Parents of children at Sandridge Elementary School, Lynwood, Illinois got an unwanted surprise in the mail this past week.

They received a package that contained a DVD featuring principal, Leroy Coleman and science teacher, Janet Lofton in various sexual encounters.

Parent Kim Grivakis said, “I was stunned and I felt sick to my stomach. I want to see this sheet of paper that says [Coleman] was fired- to let them know [he’ll] never teach another child.”

Police believe one of the encounters on the tape may have occurred during school hours and are reviewing it to check if illegal acts were committed.

Coleman and Lofton have now resigned, citing personal reasons.

I wonder who mailed the DVD. It was probably an act of revenge.



  1. the principal and the teacher are reatard’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Been away from the town for over 15 years, but I do remenber another situation with another teacher of having sex with a student, like 25 yrs ago. What the hell is the problem with this school???? Thank god my kid went to nathan hale grade school. Sick sob’s.

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