October 18, 2017

German Couple Have Sex in Wrong Car

Let’s say you parked your car, left to do whatever you needed to do, and came back only to see a strange couple steaming up the back seat. What would you do?
A. Watch in secret (cause you can’t say no to free porn)
B. Unlock the door and yell, “what the hell?”
C. Unlock the door and ask if you can join in.

If you didn’t choose B, you must be pretty twisted!

So here’s the story. Bernhard Stadlinger,24, parked his sister’s car next to an identical car.

He went to a disco, met a girl, took her to what he thought was the car and began to have sex in it.

Petra Eichinger,42, walks to the parking lot, sees her car being violated, and in outrage, calls the police.

I bet they thought it was a prank call.

The woman had locked her doors but Stadlinger’s key happened to work on both cars. What are the chances?

I can’t believe he had intended to make the beast with two backs in his sister’s car. That’s just not right.



  1. Thats the funniest thing I have heard all day.. And I would have picked number 1. lol

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