October 18, 2017

You Can Enjoy Great Sex in the Afterlife?

Chinese cemeteries are selling paper replicas of Viagra pills, images of condoms, and heavily made-up bar girls for people to burn for dead relatives so they can have great sex in the afterlife.

Authorities have attempted to prevent the sales, but have been unsuccessful thanks to high demand due to the upcoming annual Tombsweeping Festival on April 5.

I find this fascinating, but I highly doubt dead people are concerned about getting it up or sexual protection.

Chinese have traditionally burned fake money in honour of dead relatives during the festival, when families clean their ancestors’ tombs and graves.

They believe the wealth will accrue to their ancestors in the afterlife.

But China’s move toward a more consumer-oriented society has seen new offerings including paper televisions, cellphones, cars and other luxury items.

There was no word as to whether paper replicas of sex toys were being sold.


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