October 18, 2017

Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Manhood

A Chinese woman was arrested after she cut off her husband’s manhood and threw it out the window.

Yao Fengfang had been jealous and upset because she suspected her husband, Li Gengbao, was having an affair.

She confronted him one night after he came home and threatened to ‘disable’ his manhood. Li didn’t believe she could do it, but around midnight, he woke up due to sharp pain in his crotch region.

He said: “My wife was holding a large part of my penis, and I pleaded with her to send me to hospital immediately, but she refused firmly, and when I pleaded with her to give me back the cut penis, she threw it out of the window.”

Li wrapped his wound with a pillow cover and managed to drive himself to Nanjing City First hospital.

The hospital began emergency surgery and sent staff to find what was left of Li’s manhood.

Unfortunately, the neighbor’s dog got to it first and ate it, so doctors couldn’t reattach Li’s manhood.

Yao ended up with a three-year suspended jail sentence after her husband asked the judge to be lenient. Li said he wanted his wife to keep her freedom so she could take care of him for the rest of his life.

Is this man nuts?



  1. speaking of nuts this guy should definitly keep his eye on those from now on…….and the dog ate the severed penis that is just too much. If anyone ever did that to me that would be the last thing they ever did.

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