October 18, 2017

Thief Opens Shop and Sells Stock

Belgian antique dealer, Johan Dumon, 62, returned from vacation only to discover that a thief had robbed his home, broken into his store and held a two-day sale.

The store had been closed for three years and yet neighbors didn’t find the sale suspicious!

The thief sold items from Dumon’s home as well as antiques that were worth at least £17,000 (about $32717).

“I can only conclude the burglar was a clever man,” said Dumon. “Instead of dragging it all out of the house he sold it on the spot.”

He must not have been that clever. The witnesses were able to give his description to the police.

Attorney Goedele Van den Brande believes the man will be found soon, but the stolen goods might be impossible to recover since buyers can’t be forced to return them.


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