October 18, 2017

Student Puts Urine in Teacher’s Coffee

An eighth grade student at Wilson Middle School thought it’d be funny to put urine in his teacher’s coffee pot.

The teacher was fortunate that the boy’s urine smelled foul and reported the smelly coffee to the principal.

A student who had overhead classmates talking about the incident also reported it to officials.

The issue was investigated and authorities were led to check the eighth-grade boy’s locker where they discovered urine.

He admitted to putting some into the teacher’s coffee and has been suspended pending a recommendation for expulsion.

“This type of student behavior will not be tolerated,” Principal DiLynn Phelps and Superintendent Marlin B. Creasy wrote in a letter to parents. “No student will be permitted to deliberately attempt to cause bodily harm to any other student, teacher or staff member.”

I can’t believe the boy was dumb enough to leave urine in his locker. I guess he had other plans for it.


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