October 18, 2017

Man Burns Genitals on Purpose

Jared Anderson, 20, of Wisconsin decided he just had to light his genitals on fire after seeing something similar in a movie.

He and Randell Peterson, 43, had been drinking and watching the movie when the brilliant idea came to Anderson.

“People that were there said that after he saw the movie he told people that he wanted to do this — light his genitals and he proceeded to enlist Mr. Peterson’s help in doing so,” Eau Claire County Assistant District Attorney Mike Steuer said on WEAU-TV.

What ensued led to Anderson being hospitalized with burns on his genitals and Peterson being incarcerated.

Peterson sprayed lighter fluid on Anderson’s genitals and attempted to light it on fire. When it didn’t work, Peterson tried a second time and Anderson’s genitals, hands, and clothing caught fire.

Anderson later filed a criminal complaint claiming that he hadn’t wanted to be lit on fire and was attacked.

I guess it’s also a bad idea for people to drink and watch TV.


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