October 18, 2017

Drunk Man Cuts Off Genitals

Tadeus Konopizc, 40, from Zakopane, Poland, was angry because his wife had left him.

It took one bottle of vodka for his rage to make him do the dumbest thing a man can do to himself.

Tadeus Konopizc took a six-inch knife and cut off his genitals, including his testicles.

That’s right. The man no longer has balls. If he wore tight pants, he’d be mistaken for a manly-looking woman.

Realizing he’d made a horrible mistake, Konopizc called doctors to ask for help. A special helicopter rescue team was sent to fly him to Bialystok, a town with surgeons that specialize in sewing back severed organs.

Unfortunately for Konopizc, Mother Nature wasn’t on his side. A heavy fog delayed the helicopter so by the time they got to the hospital, it was too late to reattach his man parts.

Now he has to undergo months of surgery as doctors attempt to rebuild his member using skin from another part of his body.


The fact that he cut off his genitals because his wife left him makes me wonder: did she leave him because he couldn’t perform in the sack?


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