October 18, 2017

Chinese Man Gives Up Cheekbones to Save Wife

Lang Qiang recently had surgery to reduce his protruding cheekbones because fortune-tellers had told him that because of them, his wife would die before him.

The 48-year old man of Chongqing city, said: “I believe it without any doubt. Misfortunes are always happening to my wife, while I have none.

“For example, every morning, we need to go downstairs to pick up the bottled milk. I’ve never had a problem, but my wife fell and fractured her legs going down the stairs.

“Another time I stood on a bench to hang a cloth. Then my wife stood on it, and the bench broke.”

There was no word as to whether his wife is a fatty.

“I always feel sorry for my wife and want to do something to make things up,” Lang said. “I told my wife I would go on a business trip for more than 10 days. I want to give her a surprise.”

I wonder how he’ll react when she continues to have bad luck…


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