October 18, 2017

Australian Burglars Have Sex in Victim’s Bed

Burglars broke into a house in Darwin, Australia, robbed it and had sex on the homeowner’s bed while the housesitter slept in another bedroom.

They made off with cash and alcohol.

The homeowner, who chose anonymity, had been on vacation at the time.

“[The housesitter had] been out drinking and didn’t hear what was going on,” he said.

“But the evidence of what the thieves got up to before leaving was there for all to see.

“The sheets have been taken away for DNA sampling and I’ve told the police that I don’t want them back.”

That’s just wrong! I guess the burglars get off on robbing people.

It makes you wonder though: were the burglars two females, two males or one female & a male?


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