October 18, 2017

Surgeons Lengthen the Wrong Leg of Five-Year Old

Surgeons at Xiangya Second Hospital, Changsha City, China, have apologized after lengthening the wrong leg of a five-year-old boy in an attempt to correct his limp.

“The doctor suggested surgery to extend the withered tendon, and we agreed. But when Mingming came out of the operating room, I found his left leg was in the cast,” Miao Mingming’s father said.

The surgeons said the mistake occurred because the boy had been given anaesthesia while laying on his back, but was operated on while laying on his stomach.

Miao Mingming’s right leg was shorter than his left prior to the operation. Now the surgeons have to shorten his left leg (back to normal) and then lengthen his right (like they were supposed to in the first place).

They better get it right next time. The father should sue.


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