October 18, 2017

Poll: 3 in 10 men would quit sex for cash??

LONDON (UPI) — A poll of British men has found 30 percent would give up sex for life for about $2 million, and 1 percent would give it up for a lifetime supply of alcohol.

The survey was conducted by condom-maker Durex and the women’s magazine, Company, the Mirror reported.

Of the undisclosed number of men polled, 9 percent they would be willing to give up sex if they never had to work again, and 3 percent they had faked enjoyment during sex, the report said.

Ok. Either these men don’t know how to have great sex OR 3 in 10 British women don’t know how to give great sex OR these men are virgins who can’t get any no matter how much they try OR 3 in 10 British men are really old and have lost all interest in sex OR these men are out of their minds.

What do you think?


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