October 18, 2017

Man Loses Wedding Ring To Balloon

Calum McFadyen, 35, was at home with his family when he tied his wedding ring to his four-year-old son’s balloon to see if he could weigh it down.

He got distracted by the TV and before he knew it, his son, Henry, opened the front door and waved goodbye to the balloon as it floated away with the ring still attached.

McFadyen said: “The ring has not been off my hand in years – I was just messing about with the kids. I guess it could be in France now!

“My wife wasn’t too impressed and told me it was a stupid thing to do. I tend to agree!

“I’ve been getting a ribbing from the people at work but I deserve it. Now I just want the ring back.”

HIs wife Vicky, 36, said: “This could only happen to my husband, he’s one of those people!”

He should have known better. Four-year-olds don’t know the value of a wedding ring.


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