October 18, 2017

Man Fakes Own Kidnapping Because Wife Scares Him

Jorge Alberto Mejia crashed his wife’s new car Saturday while heading to a casino in Sonoma County, California. Instead of doing what a guilty husband should do (buy her some flowers, make her feel special, give her a night to remember, you know – make her remember that she really really loves him before confessing), he created an elaborate tale to avoid her wrath.

The 35-year-old man told the cops that two kidnappers had held him at gunpoint at a San Rafael bar on Saturday. They had forced him to drive to Santa Rosa, California and in order to escape he had to crash the car into a wall.

When the police questioned him further Monday, Mejia confessed that he’d made up the whole thing including the detailed descriptions of his fake kidnappers.

Mejia may now face criminal charges for making a false report.

This is something I’d expect a teenager to do, not a husband!

I wonder if she beats him.


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