October 18, 2017

First Human Male Pregnancy

Physicians and scientists at RYT Hospital have used in vitro fertilization techniques to induce an ectopic pregnancy for Mr. Lee Mingwei, an artist who lives in Manhattan.

The physicians had to give him orals doses of female hormones to increase his chances of becoming pregnant. They then implanted an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, under the surrounding lining.

The duration of the pregnancy has so far been normal. Mr. Lee has the belly of a pregnant woman and looks to be ready to ‘give birth’ in four months or so.

As expected, the baby will be born by Caesarian section. It sure can’t come out through his pee hole or poop shoot.

In an interview, Mr. Lee said: “A lot of people have cast this endeavor as something terribly monstrous – a startling example of how science and medicine have simply gone too far. From my perspective, however, I am simply bringing a child into this world. There is nothing more natural and beautiful on this earth than that. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Is this a case of a woman stuck in a man’s body gone too far?

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