October 18, 2017

Deer Jumps Through Home Window

A family of three where just hanging out in their home in Cambridge, Maine, minding their own business when out of nowhere a 100-pound deer came smashing through their window, Thursday night.

It jumped over a sofa and ran through the house. Matthew Cunningham wrestled with the animal to prevent it from getting near his 4-year old son and was able to lock it in the bathroom.

Once Matthew and his wife, Lori learned wardens wouldn’t be able to help them until the next morning, they asked a neighbor for help.

They then used a piece to plywood to try to direct the deer away from the bathoom and through another window in the home office.

The deer eventually escaped through the window and was nearly struck by a truck.

“It was really scary,” Lori Cunningham said. “We’re so lucky no one got hurt.”

Her son, Zeke confused as to why a deer was in their home in the first place had said, “It’s not Christmas.”


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