October 18, 2017

Big Baby Causes Sensation in Mexican Resort City

Cancun residents can’t get enough of Antonio Vasconcelos, AKA “Super Tonio”, a 14.5 lb baby measuring 22 inches in length born early Monday at Jesus Kumate Rodriguez Hospital.

It’s a good thing he was born by Caesarean section. Yikes!

Super Tonio is given 5 ounces of milk every three hours. (The average baby weighs about 7 lbs and only needs 14 – 21 ounces of milk a day).

Wednesday, Narcisco Perez Bravo, the hospital’s director said, “We haven’t found any abnormality in the child, there are some signs of high blood sugar, and a slight blood infection, but that is being controlled so that the child can get on with his normal life in a few more days.”


According to the Guinness World Record, the world’s biggest baby was born to a healthy mother in Italy in 1955 weighing in at a hefty 22 pounds, 8 ounces.


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