October 23, 2017

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Chinese Man Dies After Playing Video Games for Too Long

Zhang, a 26-year-old overweight man from China’s Liaoning Province, died last weekend after playing online video games for several hours for seven straight days.

According to a doctor, Zhang died from overwork and obesity.

It occurred during the recent Spring Festival holiday and many people did similar things.

“I am a little scared after reading the story of Zhang, because I did almost the same thing like him,” resident Wang Rui said.

“I also played games for such a long time that I could hardly find time to sleep during the holiday,” he added.

I would have expected Zhang’s weight to have kept him alive but I guess his heart just couldn’t take it.


Robber Forgets to Pull Up Mask

A man walked into a service station in Palmerston North today with an iron bar demanding cash and cigarettes.

Midway through the theft, he realized he’d forgotten to pull his bandanna over his face and hurriedly did so.

It was too late though. He was captured by the security camera and police have released the footage.

“His method of operation suggests he is not security camera-savvy… or maybe has not committed a lot of offences of this nature,” a detective said.

If only all criminals were this dumb.


Wanted: Stand-In Mistress for Wife to Beat

According to Chinese media, a businessman posted an ad on the net today for a woman who is willing to pose as his mistress and get yelled at and beaten up by his wife.

The ad was posted on a popular online jobs forum, sina.com.

“When the woman found out her husband had a mistress, she insisted on beating her up,” the Beijing Youth Daily said.

The man wants a 35-year old woman originating from northeastern China and is willing to pay 3000 yuan ($505) per 10 minutes.

So far more than 10 people have applied. They must be really short on cash or masochistic.

The businessman’s the one that should be getting a beat-down not the mistress!


Man Loses Wedding Ring To Balloon

Calum McFadyen, 35, was at home with his family when he tied his wedding ring to his four-year-old son’s balloon to see if he could weigh it down.

He got distracted by the TV and before he knew it, his son, Henry, opened the front door and waved goodbye to the balloon as it floated away with the ring still attached.

McFadyen said: “The ring has not been off my hand in years – I was just messing about with the kids. I guess it could be in France now!

“My wife wasn’t too impressed and told me it was a stupid thing to do. I tend to agree!

“I’ve been getting a ribbing from the people at work but I deserve it. Now I just want the ring back.”

HIs wife Vicky, 36, said: “This could only happen to my husband, he’s one of those people!”

He should have known better. Four-year-olds don’t know the value of a wedding ring.


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Woman Jailed for Biting Husband’s Manhood

A Chilean woman has been sent to jail after attempting to bite off her husband’s manhood.

She’s being charged of grievous bodily harm and is now in custody awaiting trial. The man had to undergo minor surgery.
According to the police, the unnamed woman said she’d done it out of jealously and couldn’t control herself. She was trying to teach her husband a lesson.

She said it was a proof of love and was sure her husband would understand and forgive her.

I highly doubt it.

Once bitten, twice shy.


Man Calls Police After Finding His Apartment Refurbished

Gunther Hagler of Frankfurt, Germany returned home from a weekend getaway only to find his whole apartment completely renovated.

His fridge had been replaced and restocked, the walls had been painted, the windows had been cleaned, and even new furniture had been placed in his home.

Could it be that a burglar had come to rob the apartment, changed his mind and decided to refurbish it instead to atone for previous burglaries?

The 45-year-old called the police and the mystery was solved.
The apartment next to Hagler’s was supposed to be completed renovated but the landlord had given the renovators the wrong key.


Florida Baby As Small As Pen Set to Go Home

Amilia Sonja Taylor, a baby conceived through in vitro fertilization, was born prematurely at 21 weeks and six days October 24 at the Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami.

Based on the University of Iowa’s registry of the tiniest babies, she may be the most premature baby ever to survive.

At birth she weighed about 10 ounces and measured 9.5 inches in length!

Attempts were made to delay a premature delivery, but when those failed, the baby was delivered by Caesarean section. According to the hospital, she was able to breathe without help upon birth and even tried to cry.

“She’s truly a miracle baby,” said Dr. William Smalling, a neonatologist at Baptist Children’s Hospital.

“We didn’t even know what a normal blood pressure is for a baby this small,” Smalling said in a statement issued by the hospital.

I’m a bit freaked out by this… My foot is longer than this baby!



Surgeons Lengthen the Wrong Leg of Five-Year Old

Surgeons at Xiangya Second Hospital, Changsha City, China, have apologized after lengthening the wrong leg of a five-year-old boy in an attempt to correct his limp.

“The doctor suggested surgery to extend the withered tendon, and we agreed. But when Mingming came out of the operating room, I found his left leg was in the cast,” Miao Mingming’s father said.

The surgeons said the mistake occurred because the boy had been given anaesthesia while laying on his back, but was operated on while laying on his stomach.

Miao Mingming’s right leg was shorter than his left prior to the operation. Now the surgeons have to shorten his left leg (back to normal) and then lengthen his right (like they were supposed to in the first place).

They better get it right next time. The father should sue.


Sexual Romp Causes Traffic

An Israeli couple caused traffic on a major highway in Jerusalem when they stopped in the fast lane to have sex.

Their amorous liaison resulted in severe congestion, as other motorists were forced to swerve to dodge their stationary vehicle.

The woman (who was driving the car) received a ticket for holding up traffic.

At least they stopped the car before getting it on but damn… the sex must be really great for them to be willing to risk their lives like that.


Woman Stabs Man During Sex

A couple who live together were in the middle of foreplay when it turned deadly, Tuesday night.The man agreed to be tied up, but to his horror, the woman, Tiffany Sutton, went mad. She took out a knife, stabbed him repeatedly and told him she likes to drink blood.

She should have told him sooner!

The frightened and turned-off man was eventually able to free himself and run away, but the crazy woman wielded a pickax and went after him.

He was able to get away and was taken in an ambulance to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Police arrested the woman, who claimed the whole encounter was consensual.

The couple told the police that they’d taken alcohol and drugs before the incident.

They should have known better.